Plastic Cooling Mixer Machine



Plastic Cooling Mixer Machine Area of application:
Plastic industry
Rubber industry
Dye industry
Compounding industry
Extrusion industry
Plastic processing factory
Chemical industry

Materials that can be processed by Plastic Cooling Mixer Machine:
PVC, WPC powder, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, TPV, EVA, ABS, PS resin, Rubbers, pigments, etc.

Application of Cooling Mixer Machine:
Used for powder or granulate material blending, coloring and drying. It is combined with high speed mixer, cooling the material after discharged from High-speed mixer.
Decisive advantages:
  • All important parts (bowl, mixing tool, control) are manufactured in AUDOP Company, which ensure the quality of machine.
  • All material in contact with product is SS304 or aluminum alloy and the product will not be contaminated.
  • Quick cooling, easy and convenient to clean, high output.
  • Mixing tool coated with wear-resistant material, which can increase service life and past dynamic and balance test, running smoothly.
  • High throughput rate at low, specific energy consumption.
  • Rapid, perfect after-sales service
Horizontal Cooling Mixer used to cooling the materials in a quick and reliable manner. AUDOP machines are manufactured using superb quality raw materials and advanced technology and AUDOP offers them in various technical specifications. Thus, these are highly acclaimed for their high efficiency and good quality.
Mixer Container:
Horizontal design with jacket for cooling. The whole internal surface (hosing+ lid+ side wall) is to significantly improve the cooling efficiency, and reduce water consumption. Material in contact with product is SS304, internal surface polished.

Mixer Tool:
Agitator provides radial and axial mixing effect to help product distribution and easy discharging. Paddle type design, paddle position and angle can be adjusted.

LID open device:
Lid open by electrical lifting spindle drive
Gas spring for supporting when lid open
Limit switch foe safety interlock with motor
To be able totally open for easy access and cleaning of mixer
Lid locking by quick clamping Device

Driven through gear reducer, large output tongue, lower noise, smooth running

Shaft Support &Sealing
Shaft head in self-slinging roller bearings outside the mixing drum. The gap between shaft and side plate is sealed by labyrinth with purging air plus oil sealing to ensure the material will not leak out.

Discharge plate
Large size discharge plate makes fast product discharge possible. Fitted exactly to the bottom dish with no dead corner. Driver with pneumatic cylinder, flexible and reliable.
For both mixer unit and mixing plant, we provide two types of control operations, automatic and manual. The control cabinet include typically logical program, temperature control and motor driven.
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Type Capacity Effective
Main Shaft Speed(rpm) Discharge
SHL-W800 800 500 11 80 Automatic / manual
SHL-W1000 1000 650 11 80 Automatic / manual
SHL-W2500 2000 1200 18.5 80 Automatic / manual
SHL-W3500 2500 1600 22 80 Automatic / manual
SHL-W4500 3500 2275 37 80 Automatic / manual
SHL-W6000 4500 2925 37 60 Automatic / manual
SHL-Z500A 6000 3900 55 50 Automatic / manual


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