Waste PP PE Plastic Film Washing Recycling and Drying Line



Function of Machines

Waste plastic washing recycling machines are suitable for work highly polluted materials, which must be separated from contaminants before moving to subsequent stages of processing. 

The type of material that can be processed

Film with various thickness coming from selective waste collection, industrial waste, post consumer      material, agriculture etc.
Rigid materials such as PP PE,HDPE LDPE, containers, electric batteries, milk bottles, bags, sheets,      production waste, etc.Those contaminated waste will be perfectly cleaned, size-reduced and dried ready for the re-granulation phase or the densification phase.

Brief Introduction of Plastic washing recycling process

In PE and PP washing line combines "sorting, grinding, washing, drying and storing" processes in one line. This means dirty and mixed waste materials become a raw material for re-use throughout the process. 
Following procedures are integrated in our washing lines or can be added additionally:
  • Material feeding with metal detection
  • Material size-reduced by wet type granulator
       For the use of the simultaneous washing and size reduction of soiled feed material
  • High speed of friction washer
       Special design of friction washer is used to wash highly contaminated film flakes. They are used for                                   discharging treated material mixed with water from a wet grinder.This also can be used in special cases where the             friction washer can be installed in front of or after washing tank and hydro cyclone units.
  • Sink-float washer
        Sink-float washer is specially used for separating various of solid impurities such as small stones, dirt, metals                      and glass etc. This large tank is filled with water which has a density of 1 g/cm3. Depending on the  application,                additives can be  added to slightly augment water's density. Material that goes into this water tank with density                  greater than 1 g/cm3 will sink to the bottom while materials with density less than 1 g/cmwill float. 
        In the case of PP/PE films, PP/PE films have a density of around 0.93 g/
cm3 which makes it float while other various          contaminants will sink to the bottom where it is collected and removed via a conveyor system.
  • Mechanical drying unit
        This Mechanical Dryer/Centrifugal Washer operates as a centrifuge for film, regrind and mixed plastics.
  • Thermal drying system
         Thermal dryers convey material into a stainless steel cyclone and discharge it through the bottom opening into bags.

Waste water treatment combined with waste plastic washing recycling machine

The dirty water is collected in a pit and any contamination larger than appr. 0.1 mm is removed. The screened water is stored in a sedimentation basin for the sedimentation of light contamination; the result is circulation water. A pump conveys the circulation water back into the plant.

The dirty water from a washing process is collected, cleaned and then re-circulated. That significantly reduces the amount of fresh water that would have been needed.


Machine list of Plastic  washing line

No.Description of goodsQuantity
1Belt Conveyor1 set
2Single-shaft shredder1 set
3Belt conveyor1 set
4Crusher1 set
5Screw feeder1 set
6High speed Friction Washer
(Sand, small stone, mud remover)
1 set
7Screw Feeder1 set
8Deposit& Floating Washing Tank1 set
9Screw Feeder1 set
10Centrifugal Dewatering machine1 set
11Storage Silo1 set
12Control Cabinet1 set
Machines could be increased or reduced depending on material.


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