PVC Hot Cutting Granulation Machine



PVC Hot Cutting Granulation Machine, Dia Face Cutter and Air Cooling Pelletizing Extruder Machine
PVC pelletizing line is to produce colored PVC granules and the modified PVC granules.
General description:
PVC Hot Cutting Granulation Machine enhanced high productivity and high flexibility of material jellification under lower stress conditions in the barrel.
The extruder granulation line can process both rigid and soft PVC in higher hourly outputswith the same screw profile.
1. Long screw profile provides increased mixing and conveying efficiency, and provides for volumetric scale-up
2. Optimal conveying stability and linear output/speed ratio, while at the same time offering simplified handling and stable operating characteristics
3. Increased plant efficiency due to maximum reduction in changeover times
4. Simple cleaning and inspection; the split Kneader barrel design can be opened within minutes
5. Fast start-up with minimal expenditure of materials
6. Rapid installation (pipes and wires prelinked to central connection points)
7. Consistently optimized product intake eliminates the need for a force-feeding device
8. In addition to optimized intake of even low bulk density powders, it is also possible to dose pigments and other components separately
Process stages
1. Feeding of dry-blend from the heating mixer or heating/cooling mixer combination into the quantic processing chamber
2. Preheating, mixing and gelling the premix
3. Possible feed of pigments and other components (solid or liquid) directly into the processing chamber
4. Degassing the compound in the connecting tube, using vacuum
5. Conditioning and building up pressure for pelletizing, and/or screening of flexible PVC (cable compounds) in the discharge extruder
6. Eccentric dry-cut, wet-cut or underwater pelletizer
7. Pneumatic conveying and cooling in a fluidized bed
Details of Extruder Parts:
Pelletizing Dia head:

1. Pelletizing die is made of special hardened steel.
2. Easy removal from the Discharge Barrel during cleaning.

Air Cooling Die Face Cutter
1. Simple structure and easy to operate and maintain.
2. The design of air duct for the air cooling cutter reduces the adhesion between pellets, include rigid transparent pellets.
3. The honeycomb-like pelletizing sieve of the air cooling cutting system can withstand a back pressure of 250 bars.
4. Efficient with low energy consumption.
5. The pellets cut from the air cooling cutter do not need to be dried.

Pneumatic conveying system and cooling system
1. Consist of Two high pressure air-blowers.
2. Configured with bends to fit around existing equipment.
3. More flexibility with its typically straight conveying path.
4. Equipped with enclosed system which enables the pneumatic system to contain dust.
5. Occupies less space and with fewer moving parts to maintain.
6. Cooling system is made of stainless steel.

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Model Extruder size Max.Output Extruder Motor
PVC51 SJZ51/105 150KGS 18.5KW
PVC55 SJZ55/110 190KGS 22 KW
PVC65 SJZ65/132 250KGS 37KW
PVC80 SJZ80/156 350KGS 55KW
PVC92 SJZ92/188 700KGS 110KW


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