PP PE film Granulator Machine

PP PE film Granulator Machine
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  • PP PE film Granulator Machine
  • PP PE film Granulator Machine
  • PP PE film Granulator Machine
  • PP PE film Granulator Machine
Easy to change blades and mesh screen. 
Crushing with water. 
Various feeding hopper size. 
Mesh size can be customized. 


PP PE film Granulator, Plastic Bags crushing machine,Film and Bags crushing recycling machine.

Application: Agricultural Film, woven sacks, garbage bags, shopping bags. jumbo bags, soft tubes ETC.

Reducing the size of waste before sending it to the following recycling machine is the common method of Plastic Reclaim. 

No matter it is bale film or loose bags, the Granulator can shred it into small pieces and pre-wash it. 

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Granulator size: 800mm,1000mm. 120mm

Motor Power:45kw or 55kw,75kw, 90kw or110kw

Mesh size:0-100mm

Blades material: SKD11 

Crushing with water. 

Your requirements are the basis for our development and a daily challenge to bring to fruition, please do not hesitate to inquiry us. 

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    1. The whole machine body is made of special strong steel.
    2. Blade material adopts SKD11 or D2 through special manufacture process and heat treatment; Blades base is made of T10high quality steel with pyro condensation treatment, hard to be broken and damaged.
    3. V-shape cutting geometry to minimize friction between crushing material and both interior sidewalls.
    4. Heavy burden type bearing can keep the unit from vibrating and noise, and prevent the material from pollution.
    5. Equipped with pulley device for reducing speed.
    6. Has protection system with the power supply to ensure the equipment safe.
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