PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine



PVC Pipe Extrusion Line, PVC Pipe Production Line, PVC Pipe Making Machine
  • Applicable Products: PVC Pipe
  • Applicable Materials: PVC
  • Alias: PVC Pipe Production Line, PVC Pipe Making Machine, PVC Pipe Machine, PVC Pipe Line, PVC Pipe Extruder

The completePVC Pipe Extrusion Machine is consist of:

  1. Feeder
    Used for feeding the material to the extruder.
  2. Conical Twin Screw Extruder or Counter-rotating Parellel Twin Screw Extruder
    The most important part of the whole extrusion line,  the life time of the complete extrusion line depends on the quality of the extruder. Noramlly, people will select conical twin screw extruder for making pvc pipe. But there are also many people like parellel twin screw extruder because of its high capacity and lower consumption. 
  3. Mould(Die Head)
    The core part of the pipe extrusion line, the quality of the pipe mostly depends on the qualtiy of the mould.
  4. Vaccum Calibrating and Cooling Tank
    Good vaccum calibrating and cooling tank makes the pipe looks nice, more than one set of vaccum calibrating and cooling tank will be needed for making big diameter pipe.
  5. Water Cooling Tank
    Pipe comes from mould is hot, it is still very hot even after cooling by the vaccum calibrating and cooling tank, so the water cooling tank is needed for cooling the pipe. Generally speaking, the bigger diameter need the longer water tank.
  6. Haul-off unit
    Haul-off unit is a device which pull the pipe goes forward. There are serveral different models which are sorted by the quantity of the claw(caterpillar).
  7. Cutter
    The cutter of the PVC pipe extrusion line is automatic and digital controlled, which is world leading. Its operation is easy while its performance is excellent and stable
  8. Socketing Machine(Belling Machine)
    This machine is optional, it can make the socket online if to equipped with automatic belling machine.
  9. Stacker
    For collecting the pipes.

This PVC Rigid Pipe Making Machine is mainly used in the manufacture of the PVC pipes with various diameters(16-630mm) and wall thickness in the aspects such as the agricultural and constructional plumbing, cable laying etc. According to customers requirement, this PVC pipe extrusion line also suitable to produce inner wall spiral pipe, inner wall hollow pipe and foaming pipe by adding special devices.

Audop supplies all the PVC pipe extrusion line and corresponding auxiliary machines or systems to meet your business demands. You get the freedom to build your extrusion line around the system components that meet your exact requirements. All subsystem and support equipment such as feeding device, dies, control panels, etc may be included to provide a total system concept. The end result is superior quality, highly reliable machines that turn products into bigger profits for you.

While the above may sound similar to other suppliers, we can assure you that the specific execution that we utilize is dramatically better. Upon request we can provide further specifics of our unique and proprietary approaches, on-going continuous improvements.


Technical Info of PVC Pipe Extrusion Line
Model Pipe O.D. Range(mm) Extruder Model Max Output(kg/h) INSTALLED POWER(kw)
PVC-32X4A 16-32 SJZ-55 120 55
PVC-32X4B 16-32 SJZ-65 250 75
PVC-40X2A 16-40 SJZ-55 120 55
PVC-40X2B 16-40 SJZ-65 250 70
PVC-63A 16-63 SJZ-55 120 60
PVC-63B 16-63 SJZ-65 250 90
PVC-110 50-110 SJZ-55 120 67
PVC-160 50-160 SJZ-65 250 85
PVC-250A 75-250 SJZ-65 250 95
PVC-250B 75-250 SJZ-80 450 113
PVC-315 110-315 SJZ-80 450 125
PVC-400 200-400 SJZ-55 700 135
PVC-630 315-630 SJZ-92 900 255

Note: Due to continuous research and development, specifications shown on quotation sheet may be different with that on this catalog. Correct specifications are based on the quotation sheet.


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