PVC High Speed Heating Mixer Machine

PVC High Speed Heating Mixer Machine
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  • PVC High Speed Heating Mixer Machine
  • PVC High Speed Heating Mixer Machine
  • PVC High Speed Heating Mixer Machine


PVC High Speed Heating Mixer Machine/Hot Mixing machine
Area of application:
  • Plastic industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Pharmacy
  • Dye industry
  • Compounding industry
  • Extrusion industry
  • Plastic processing factory
  • Chemical industry
Materials that can be processed by High Speed Mixer Machine:
PVC, WPC powder, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, TPV, EVA, ABS, PS resin, Rubbers, pigments, etc.
Decisive advantages:
  • All important parts (bowl, mixing tool, electrical control) are manufactured in AUDOP Company, which ensure the quality of machine.
  • All material in contact with product is SS304 or aluminum alloy and the product will not be contaminated.
  • Short mixing time, easy and convenient to clean high output.
  • Mixing tool coated with wear-resistant material, which can increase service life and past dynamic and balance test, running smoothly.
  • Mature product technology based on mixing blade with high tip speed (up to 40m/sec).
  • High throughput rate at low, specific energy consumption.
  • Rapid, perfect after-sales service.

High Speed Mixing Machine guarantees the pre-dispersion of small quantities of organic and inorganic pigments on polymer base. It gives the possibility to mix both cold (with low tip speed) and hot (with high tip speed) to get full mixing of the components.
Production range from 10 lts up to 2000 lts capacity to reach output from 300kg/h up to 5000kg/h.


All material in contact with product is in SS304.Heat insulation with highly polished. No product will remain.

All material in contact with product is in SS304.With highly polished inside walls. Have well self-cleaning. Dust-proof sealing. With liquid material feeding hole and manual feeding hole which are convenient or connect.

Mixing tool:
3 or 4 layers casting SS304.There is no dead corner region during mixing, and can achieve the best mix. Tool's interval adjustable, wrong blade can be replaced individually. Surface areas are provided with wear resistant coating and can increase working life time.

Shaft bearing & sealing:
Labyrinth with purging air sealing plus oil sealing to ensure the material will not leak out. Bushing surface with hard treatment, and no wear and tear. After replacing oil sealing. The sealing performance is the same as new one.

Shaft bearing:
Two independent self-centering bearing support by the upper and lower side of V-belt wheel to eliminate bending phenomenon of shaft during belt tension. Bearing lubricated by grease.

Temperature measurement:
Thermo-sensor PT100, with analog signal (4~20mA) Transmitter for remote temperature indication and central control of mixing system. Probe with antiwear coating, the service life is long. PTEE sleeve for heat insulation installed on the wall of container. Two sensors, one for discharge control another one for over heat protection.

Driving motor:
Drive by ABB frequency inverter, the speed of shaft to be adjustable.

Lid open device:
Open and handle by Pneumatic cylinder or hand wheel, safe and reliable. Lid can be opened even no electricity power and compressed air supply.

Discharge plate:
Large size discharge plate, the speed of discharge material is quick. Fitted exactly to the bottom dish with no dead corner. Driven with pneumatic cylinder, flexible and reliable. Hinged type design for easy access and cleaning.

If there is any item of aboves interest you, please do not hesitate to ask us for more details about the High Speed Heating Mixer Machine.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Type Capacity(L) Effective Capacity(L) Motor Power(kw) Main shaft Speed(rpm) Discharge Method
SHR-10A 10 7 3 2000 Manual/Automatic
SHR-25A 25 18 5.5 1300 Manual/Automatic
SHR-50A 50 35 7/11 750/1500 Manual/Automatic
SHR-100A 100 75 14/22 650/1300 Manual/Automatic
SHR-200A 200 150 30/42 475/950 Manual/Automatic
SHR-300A 300 225 40/55 475/950 Manual/Automatic
SHR-500A 500 375 55/75 430/860 Manual/Automatic
SHR-800A 800 600 83/110 357/714 Manual/Automatic
SHR-1000A 1000 750 110/160 325/650 Manual/Automatic
SHR-1300A 1300 910 132/200 300/600 Manual/Automatic
SHR-1500A 1500 1100 160/200 250/500 Manual/Automatic
SHR-2000A 2000 1450 315 500 Manual/Automatic

Your requirements are the basis for our development and a daily challenge to bring to fruition, please do not hesitate to inquiry us. 

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