Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Recycling Machine
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  • Plastic Recycling Machine
  • Plastic Recycling Machine
  • Plastic Recycling Machine
  • Plastic Recycling Machine
  • Plastic Recycling Machine
  • Constant high pellet quality.
  • Saving. Less power consumption cost per kilogram, reduced floor space occupation and operator attendance.
  • High efficiency and high throughput. Combines three functions in one, such as shredding, extruding and palletizing. Many materials can be processed directly without need of upstream pre-shredding, resulting in a dramtic reduction in operational costs.


Plastic Recycling Machine, plastic recycling system, plastic recycling plant
  • Applicable Materials: PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, TPV, EVA, ABS, and PS, etc.
  • Material Shapes: Film, bag, scrap, flake, etc
  • Material Types:  Film(rolls,loose,bundled), agricultural film waste, printed LDPE film, Woven bag, washed post-consumer waste,foamed plastics(EPS) and raffia, etc.
  • Alias: Plastic recycling equipment, plastic pelletizer, plastic granulating machine, plastic pelletizing line, plastic granulating line, plastic pelletizing system, plastic recycling plant

plastic recycling machine

Plastic Recycling Machine is State-of-the-art technology for high-value processing of plastic recycling. It is used for making the clean materials or washed material into regular uniform pellets(granules), it also is known as the plastic recycling system, film recycling machine, film recycling line, film pelletizing machine, film pelletizing line, granulating line, granulation machine, waste plastic recycling machine, recycling machine, etc.

plastic recycling machine

This plastic recycling machine is consisted of a conveyor, agglomerator, extruder, hydraulic screen changer, cutting system, centrifugal dewater machine, air sending system, and silo. Metal detector, roll feeder, degassing system, chiller, vibrating screener are optional devices, it may be provided depends on the property of the material.pellets made by plastic recycling machine


Factory view:
plastic recycling machines in working shop

Audop supplies all the products and systems you need to produce the high-quality pellets your business demands. And, since we offer a full range of model sizes, you get more than just proven quality and reliability. You get the freedom to build your pelletizing line around the system components that meet your exact requirements. All subsystem and support equipment such as screen changers, diverter valves, heating systems, classifiers, dryers, water systems, control panels, etc. may be included to provide a total system concept. The result is superior quality, highly reliable machines that turn pellets into bigger profits for you.
While the above may sound similar to other suppliers, we can assure you that the specific execution that we utilize is dramatically better. Upon request, we can provide further specifics of our unique and proprietary approaches, on-going continuous improvements.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Technical Info of Plastic Recycling Machine
Model ADP-FR85 ADP-FR100 ADP-FR120 ADP-FR140 ADP-FR160 ADP-FR180
Applicable Materials PP / HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / EVA / ABS / PS
Actual throughput per hour PP=200kg
Type Rubber belt conveyor
Feed speed 0.05m/sec.
Drive motor 1.1kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 2.2kw 3kw
Drive motor 45kw 55kw 75kw 90kw 110kw 132kw
Main drive motor 75kw AC+INV 90kw AC+INV 132kw AC+INV 160kw AC+INV 200kw AC+INV 250kw AC+INV
Type With or without degassing system (venting hole)
Screw diameter (mm)Ø85mmØ100mmØ120mmØ140mmØ160mmØ180mm
L/D ratio 34:1 34:1 34:1 33:1 33:1 33:1
Screw material 38CrMoAlA, nitrided and chrome plated
Barrel material 38CrMoAlA, precision ground and nitrided
Screw speed (rpm) 0-180 0-170 0-150 0-130 0-130 0-120
Barrel heater 28kw 33kw 45kw 55kw 60kw 72kw
Barrel cooling Air cooling
Cooling power 3.5kw 4kw 4.5kw 5kw 5.5kw 6kw
Type Single-plate hydraulic screen changer with double working position
Heater 5.5kw 6.4kw 7kw 7.5kw 8kw 10kw
Filter screener diameterØ120mmØ180mmØ250mmØ300mmØ350mmØ400mm
Pelletizing type Die face water ring pelletiser for PE, underwater pelletiser for PP
Pelletizing motor 3-5 HP AC+INV
Die heater 3kw 3.2kw 3.8kw 4.8kw 6kw 8kw
Pelletizing hole dia. Hole dia. and numbers depend on material and palletizing type
Type Water cooling
Water pump 3kw
Chiller Optional
Dewatering motor 5.5kw
Blowing motor 2.2kw 2.2kw 3kw 4kw 4kw 5.5kw
Silo capacity 1M3
Model ADP-FR85 ADP-FR100 ADP-FR120 ADP-FR140 ADP-FR160 ADP-FR180

Your requirements are the basis for our development and a daily challenge to bring to fruition, please do not hesitate to inquiry us. 

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