PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

PPR Pipe Extrusion Line
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  • PPR Pipe Extrusion Line
  • PPR Pipe Extrusion Line
  • PPR Pipe Extrusion Line
  • Good plasticizing at low temperature with high extrusion output
  • Barrel with feeding groove, material is 38CrMoAl and nitrogen treated, surface hardness is HRC 65-68, which makes the lifetime be longer
  • Millipore type mould with suitable inner compression ratio which can guarantee to produce high quality PPR pipes
  • High automatic level. The production line is controlled by PLC(touch screen). All parts, like extruder, haul off unit, cutter etc can be controlled by touch screen synchronously


PPR Pipe Extrusion Line, PPR Pipe Production Line, PERT/PEX Pipe Extrusion Line
PPR Pipe Extrusion Line
  • Applicable Products: PPR Pipe, PE Pipe, PEX Pipe, PP-B Pipe, PP-H Pipe, PERT Pipe, ABS Pipe, etc.
  • Applicable Materials: PE, PP, PEX, PB, PERT, ABS, etc.
  • Alias: PP-R pipe extrusion line, PPR pipe production line, PPR pipe making machine, PPR pipe machine, PPR pipe line, PP-R pipe extruder

A complete PPR Pipe Extrusion Line consists:

  1. Autoloader and dryer
    Used for feeding the material to the extruder and dry it before extruding.
  2. Single Screw Extruders
    Generally speaking, two single screw extruders are needed, the big extruder is used to extrude the pipes while the other small one is used to extrude the mark line. The most important part of the whole extrusion line,  the life time of the entire extrusion line depends on the quality of the extruder. Audop always provides the best quality extruder to customers.
  3. Mould(Die Head)
    Spiral type or skep type die head flow distribution, the best design of the low temperature causing smooth pipe inter and outside surface, equal heating to die-head make sure good quality.
  4. Vaccum Calibrating and Cooling Tanks
    Good vaccum calibrating and cooling tank makes the pipe looks nice, more than one set of vaccum calibrating and cooling tank will be needed for making big diameter pipe.
  5. Water Cooling Tanks
    Pipe comes from mould is hot, it is still very hot even after cooling by the vaccum calibrating and cooling tank, so the water cooling tank is needed for cooling the pipe. Generally speaking, the bigger diameter need the longer water tank.
  6. Haul-off unit
    Haul-off unit is a device which pull the pipe goes forward. There are serveral different models which are sorted by the quantity of the claw(caterpillar).
  7. Cutter
    The cutter of the PPR pipe extrusion line is automatic and digital controlled, which is world leading. Its operation is easy while its performance is excellent and stable
  8. Winder or Stacker
    For collecting the pipes.

PPR Pipe Extrusion Line is used to produce PPR and FR PPR pipes for cold and hot water supply in house, it's a new product which has huge demand and increasing. PPR pipe extrusion line are offten used to make the stabilized PPR pipes(Stable static pipes), this kind of PPR pipes are wrapped by an aluminum foil, which makes the pipes having an excellent high creep resistance. And the thermo-expansion factor of the pipes is only 1/3 of the ordinary PPR pipes. Therefore, the stabilized PPR pipes can be applied to inclement and changeable environment such as:

  • Pure water, drinking water pipeline;
  • Industrial water and chemical transport, emissions;
  • Domestic hot and cold water pipe system;
  • Beverage, drug delivery systems of production;
  • Compressed air pipe;
  • Other industrial, agricultural management and so on...
According to customers requirement, this PPR pipe extrusion line also suitable to produce some other kinds of pipes by changing and/or adding special devices. Such as: PE Pipe, PEX Pipe, PP-B Pipe, PP-H Pipe, PE-RT Pipe, ABS Pipe, etc.

Audop supplies all the PPR pipe extrusion line and corresponding auxiliary machines or systems to meet your business demands. You get the freedom to build your extrusion line around the system components that meet your exact requirements. All subsystem and support equipment such as feeding device, dies, control panels, etc may be included to provide a total system concept. The end result is superior quality, highly reliable machines that turn products into bigger profits for you. 

While the above may sound similar to other suppliers, we can assure you that the specific execution that we utilize is dramatically better. Upon request we can provide further specifics of our unique and proprietary approaches, on-going continuous improvements.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Technical Info of PPR Pipe Extrusion Line
Model Pipe Range
Main Extruder Co-extruder Max. Output
Installed Power
Line Length
PPR-63 16~63 SJ65/30 SJ25/25 100 75 32
PPR-110 50~110 SJ90/30 SJ25/25 200 145 35
PPR-160 75~160 SJ90/30 SJ25/25 220 180 35
Note: Due to continuous research and development, specifications shown on quotation sheet may be different with that on this catalog. Correct specifications are based on the quotation sheet.

Your requirements are the basis for our development and a daily challenge to bring to fruition, please do not hesitate to inquiry us. 

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