Waste Plastic Film Shredder Machine

Waste Plastic Film Shredder Machine
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  • Waste Plastic Film Shredder Machine
  • Waste Plastic Film Shredder Machine
  • Waste Plastic Film Shredder Machine
  • Waste Plastic Film Shredder Machine
  • Waste Plastic Film Shredder Machine
1. Double Speed Hydraulic system and standard air cooling device
2. Hydraulic pusher, independent power systems, solid structure, smooth running, can shred large bundles of plastics,convenient feeding.
3. Spindle driven by a gear box, smooth running, low noise, large torque.
4. PLC program control system, fully automatic operation to make machine run more safe and reliable.
5. Knife material: Cr12MoV (Japanese brands SKD-11, U.S grade D2); low use and maintenance costs, easy to replace.
6. Rotary knives adopt "V" shaped installation manner, to make rotary knives cut materials evenly, reduce energy consumptionand noise; each rotary knife has four cutting edges, can be rotated 90 ° to use continuously if one side is worn out.
7. Fixed knife can be adjusted to maintain the gap with rotary knife. Each fixed knife can be rotated 180 ° to use continuously if worn.
Blades on the rotor can be disassembled, easy to clean and maintain.
8. Material size can be adjusted by screen size.
9. Natural rubber rings to reduce vibration protecting the drive components of gear box.


Waste plastic shredder machine,Industrial Shreddering Machine, Plastic Shredder  

General description:

Waste material recycling and reclaiming process often requires much more machinery than a shredder, but it is a key component. Plastic Shredder Machines are used for the initial size-reduction phase, the chips from the shredders are automatically transferred by conveyor into the granulators for finer size-reduction. If with customized screen, the shredders generate the required chip size without granulating.
Industrial Shredding Machines are commonly used because these machines allow "batch-feeding" That is, huge quantities of material whether loose or in big bale can be wholly dumped into the machines vast hoppers using forklift or a belt loaders, and left to do their job without supervision or constant feeding.
Several different sizes of machines with several different rotor diameters and classifying screens are normally available, whatever your material, volume or recycling application, we offer a machine to suit your needs.

Applications of Plastic Shredder Machine, plastic shredder

Plastic Shredder Machine have been designed for a wide range of applications and industries like in house and general recycling, electronic waste and post-consumer waste handling. It is ideal for especially hard and voluminous products, the input materials can be all kinds like lumps, pipes, film, woven bags; electronic waste like cables and ICBs; paper, wood and other organic materials. Depending on input material and the following process the size of shredded material is defined by the used screen. The shredded material can be directly used or go into the next step of size reduction for example in a granulator.

Working principle:

Material is fed through the hopper in front of a hydraulically operated pusher, which pushes the material load-controlled onto the turning rotor. The material is torn, squeezed and shredded between the rotor knives and a fixed counter knife. The large shredding chamber and loading hopper capacity, combined with the PLC controlled horizontal pusher ensures optimum feeding of material to the rotor therefore achieving the most efficient performance. The screen hole with different perforation diameters determines the size of clippings or shavings. Once the material is shredded, the machine will automatically shut off.

Advantages of Plastic Shredder for Lump and block

1. Adopted advanced European technologies, simple to operate, easy to use, high efficiency.
2. Low speed, high torque gear drive.
3. Cost-effective, low-input with high return.
4. Special design is available for customers’ specific requirements on different capacity and various materials.
5. Demonstrations and trials with your material on our machine is available.
6. Separate electric control cabinet with Siemens PLC Control System.
7. The whole system conforms to the applicable CE safety standards.

Details of Shredder Blades/Knives 


1. Blades material: SKD11 (D2)
2. Blades can be rotated and used on four edges before replacement
3. Concave ground square blades improve output.
single shaft shredder blades
single shaft shredder rotor


1. All AUDOP shredders are equipped with a large diameter flat rotor.
2. The knives are fixed in special knife holders fitted in machined pockets.
3. Optional weld on hard facing is available for abrasive applications.
shredder rotor

Screen Basket:

1. Quick Change Screens (50 - 100 mm).
2. Quick Change Screen design allows for screens to be easily changed to ensure accurate particle size to fit your specific application.


1. Oversized, High Quality Spherical Shaft Bearings.
2. Heavy duty guide bearings and universal couplings for reliable operation.
3. Rotor Water Cooling - optional water cooling through bearing housing to the rotor.

Pusher Hydraulics:

1. Twin Speed Hydraulics - fast speed for pusher retraction.
2. Integrated oil/air Cooler maintains the temperature for continuous operation.
3. Cover insulator optional.

Control Cabinet:

1. Stand Alone Electrical Control Cabinet - Siemens PLC Control System.
2. Manual & Automatic Controls for Rotor Direction and Hydraulic Force Feeding Device
3. Intelligent Program- motor auto reverse for overload, stop when the machine is idle.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Technical Info of Single Shaft Shredder
Model ADP600 ADP800 ADP1000 ADP1200 ADP1400
Main motor 18.5kw 37kw 45kw 55kw 75kw/90kw
Hydraulic motor 1.5kw 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw 4kw
26 +1pc 34 +2 pcs 42 +2 pcs 54+3 pcs 72 +3pcs
Blades material D2
Rotating diameter 300mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 500mm
Rotor length 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm
Rotating speed 83rpm 83rpm 83rpm 83rpm 83rpm
Cylinder travel length 550mm 950mm 950mm 950mm 950mm
Inlet size(mm) 600X900 800X1350 1000X1350 1200X1350 1400X1350
Weight 2500kg 4000kg 5500kg 6500kg 7500kg

Note: Due to continuous research and development, specifications shown on quotation sheet may be different with that on this catalog. Correct specifications are based on the quotation sheet.

Your requirements are the basis for our development and a daily challenge to bring to fruition, please do not hesitate to inquiry us. 

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